The contemporary church is suffering famine for the hearing of the words of God, but one that is a self-inflicted wound.

Over the decades, I have heard credible men of God warn of a coming day when the Church will experience a “famine for the word of God.” At first, I took this to refer to a coming time when the Bible itself would be suppressed even in western-style democracies, the result of efforts by governmental authorities to persecute the faith.

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Was the Apostle Paul serious when he wrote that church elders must be “above reproach?”

Unfortunately, the public exposure of the sins of church leaders has become commonplace, and often we discover their faults existed even before they entered the ministry. Even worse is when the committees that appointed them knew about their proclivities beforehand but selected them all the same.

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All God’s mysteries are revealed in Jesus Christ. Are we looking for revelation in the right place? Romans 16:25.

Today, I hear discussions about discovering new “revelations” by accessing the “spirit realm” via visions, dreams, and the like, insights into things well beyond anything found in the New Testament. One of the so-called “Facebook prophets” even deciphers spiritual insight from baseball scores. It seems God has been holding back many things until this present generation.

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