The contemporary church is suffering famine for the hearing of the words of God, but one that is a self-inflicted wound.

Over the decades, I have heard credible men of God warn of a coming day when the Church will experience a “famine for the word of God.” At first, I took this to refer to a coming time when the Bible itself would be suppressed even in western-style democracies, the result of efforts by governmental authorities to persecute the faith.

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The legacy of the “Prosperity Gospel” includes the corruption and defamation of the gospel, narcissism, deception, and apostasy.

When I became a Christian, the so-called “Prosperity Gospel” was new and largely restricted to the fringes of the Charismatic Movement. When I heard about it, I assumed such an obvious deception and moneymaking scam would never last, let alone come to dominate the entire movement. Well, so much for my prophetic abilities!

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After decades of failed predictions and expectations, the question demands an answer:  When has the Prophecy Industry ever got one right?

Popular prophecy preachers claim they are not “date-setters” like William Miller or Harold Camping. No, they only estimate the “season” of Christ’s return, not the exact day. But this is a splitting of hairs. From the warning, “neither the day nor the hour,” they deduce we can calculate the approximate “season” of his return.

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Consistently, the New Testament warns of coming deceivers and apostasy in the “last days.”

Many churches are now focused on the expected end-times “revival” that, supposedly, is poised to begin, one that will be accompanied by unprecedented “signs and wonders” that will win billions of souls and pave the way for Christ’s return. And these same miraculous “signs” have become the rallying cry, the raison d’être for many church leaders.

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Already, the “mystery of lawlessness” and the “spirit of Antichrist” are preparing the way for the arrival of the “lawless one.”

Jesus warned of coming “tribulations” that will cause many to “stumble” and apostatize. Moreover, “many false prophets” will arise to “deceive many,” and because “lawlessness will multiple,” the “love of the many will grow cold.” And these “false prophets and false christs” will employ “signs and wonders” to mislead “the elect,” for apostasy is their end game.

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