Good News for All Nations – (The gospel is for men and women in every nation)

Small Things Matter – (We serve him by serving the “least of his brethren“)

Ignoring Scripture – (Was the Apostle Paul serious when he wrote that church elders must be “above reproach?”)

Babylonian Territory – (We are called to exit Babylon, not to join her)

Politicians Get a Free Pass – (Why do church leaders excuse serious sins when committed by their favorite politician?)

Apostolic Credentials – (What are the marks of the genuine apostle?)

My Unprofitable Vision – (Here is what I hope to see with my own eyes, and sooner rather than later)

Christ “Rights” and the Cross – (To follow Jesus means a life of self-denial and suffering for him)

Satan’s Kryptonite – (What Satan fears most is Christ crucified and people conformed to the Cross)

Signs and Wonders or Calvary? – (Are Christ’s servants recognizable by the miraculous or the Cross?)

Christ or Christendom? – (‘Christendom’ invokes God to validate national institutions, ideologies, and values)

Whomever He Pleases – (“HE changes times and seasons, HE removes kings, HE sets up kings”)

Light on a Hill – (Contrary to many claims, Jesus is the only light on the hill that illuminates the world.)

Prosperity for All? – (The legacy of the “Prosperity Gospel” includes the corruption and defamation of the gospel, narcissism, deception, and apostasy)

Though He Slays Me – (Disciples must commit totally to Jesus regardless of what may happen in this life)

Famine for His Word – (The contemporary church is plagued by famine for hearing the words of God, but one that is a self-inflicted wound)

And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.

Church at night Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash
[Church at night, photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash]